Morto l'attore Michael Parks, uno dei preferiti di Quentin Tarantino

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Oltre 50 di carriera cinematografica e televisiva alle spalle, è morto a 77 anni a Los Angeles. Fu anche un apprezzato cantante

È morto a Los Angeles, a 77 anni, l'attore americano Michael Parks. Icona del cinema con oltre 50 anni di carriera, Parks era uno dei personaggi preferiti del regista Quentin Tarantino, che lo aveva scelto nel cast di “Kill Bill” e di “Django Unchained”. Aveva lavorato anche con David Lynch nella serie-cult “Twin Peaks” e con Robert Rodriguez per “Dal tramonto all'alba”. Non solo decenni di cinema e televisione: Parks era anche un apprezzato cantante con diversi album all'attivo.

La sua prima esperienza cinematografica era arrivata nel 1966 con il capolavoro di John Huston “La Bibbia”, ma aveva recitato anche nella serie tv della Nbc “Dove vai Bronson?”, a cavallo tra gli anni Sessanta e Settanta. La sua ultima apparizione cinematografica è stata l'anno scorso accanto a Mel Gibson nel thriller “Blood Father”, dove interpretava il ruolo del predicatore.

Tra i primi a ricordarlo sui social l'attore e regista Kevin Smith, che ha scritto: "Michael era e probabilmente resterà per sempre il miglior attore che abbia mai conosciuto".

I hate to report that my cinematic muse #michaelparks has passed away. Michael was, and will likely forever remain, the best actor I've ever known. I wrote both #RedState and @tuskthemovie FOR Parks, I loved his acting so much. He was, hands-down, the most incredible thespian I ever had the pleasure to watch perform. And Parks brought out the absolute best in me every time he got near my set. From the moment I saw him steal the opening scene of #fromdusktildawn at an advance screening at the Sunset 5 back in the mid-90's, I said to @samosier "Could you imagine what it must be like to work with a Yoda of acting like that guy? I gotta write for him one day." It took me 15 years but my dream came true on Red State (for which Parks won Best Actor at the @sitgesfestival) and then again years later with #tusk. Only Michael Parks could have delivered the line "Is man indeed a walrus at heart?" and make it scary as fuck. My favorite memory of Michael is watching him and #johnnydepp act with and at each other, like a couple of dueling wizards, in their shared scene in Tusk. Parks was in Heaven that day, sharing the screen with another brilliant actor and creating an unforgettable performance. He elevated any flick or TV show he was in and elevated every director he ever acted for. I was so fucking blessed to have worked with this bonafide genius. But really, I was just lucky to have known him at all. My heart goes out to James (Michael's son), Oriana (Michael's wife), Quentin Tarantino (Michael's biggest fan) and any movie or music lover who was ever dazzled by the talents of Michael Parks. Farewell, old friend. I'll see you farther along... #KevinSmith #actor #genius #rip #walrusyes

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