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26 giugno 2008

They are hardly on speaking terms, with each working away from his own splinter group, each with his eyes fixed on different horizons. Ferrero imagines himself immersed in  social problems and distanced “for three years” from the Palace of power, at the head of the Neapolitan unemployed and wanting Rifondazione [The Refounded Communist Party] to become like the Dutch Tomato Party. Vendola, the rival candidate for the Party leadership, wants rather  to destroy the various wings  of the Party and immerse himself in politics, dreaming of “an even bigger Left”. Like his master Bertinotti, Vendola would like a political force which would open up a dialogue with the Pd [Democratic Party] “provided that    Veltroni or D’Alema – says one who knows him well – return within the banks  of the European Left. These then are the duellists Nichi Vendola and Paolo Ferrero. They are fighting a war of nerves which will conclude on 24 July with the Party National Congress. (translation by Richard Newbury)

di Salvatore Merlo   –   @SalvatoreMerlo

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