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14 giugno 2008

If there exsits a weak spot in the internal balance of the so-called “Third Republic”, it could be hidden within the relations between the Northern League and the PDL, specifically regarding the “anti-politics” stance which characterizes Umberto Bossi’s party. It is this phenomenon that lead Interior Minister Roberto Maroni to insist that in the government decree on wire-tapping (approved by the cabinet yesterday), both corruption and taking bribes should both be included among the crimes that might justify its use.

“The electorate wouldn’t have understood” insisted the minister, “if the political class inside the Beltway had just been allowed to make the rules that suited itself.”

Following on from that the explicit need to strike down any piece of legislation that might possibly appear in the eyes of the Northern Italian so-called “Po valley” electorate, to be tailored made to suit the interests of any one or specific persons. (transaltion by william Ward)

di Salvatore Merlo   –   @SalvatoreMerlo

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