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27 febbraio 2008

Fausto Bertinotti, the ex-Speaker of the House, seems to be finding it difficult to get off the aircraft of state and take a stroll while “going to the country” in the election campaign. He has in his hands truly awful opinion poll figures which see him and his hard left Red Thing party stuck fast at around 5% and there is not a day that passes in which he does not get a good thumping from Walter Veltroni, the leader of the new centre left Democratic Party, and, to make things worse, the Cgil, the largest Trades Union, has got rid of him in favour of the Circus Maximus of the Loft, the Democratic Party. And yet notwithstanding everything the leader of La Cosa Rossa – The Red Thing – remains stuck in the plaster cast of the role of Speaker of the House of Representatives. Rather than being incisive he prefers the courtesies of high office. As a result therefore the party and its allies can suffer him no more: Veltroni should be attacked for his clerical-moderate position, and even Berlusconi should not be allowed to get away Scot free over his conflict of interest over his TV stations. All this produces scant reaction from the unbeloved leader. For the present Bertinotti has only inverted a paradox: while his own supporters man the barricades in The Rai [Public Broadcasting] Control Commission on equal time for parties and the media monopoly enjoyed by the Pd [Veltroni’s centre left Democratic Party] and the Pdl [Berlusconi’s centre right People of Liberty], Bertinotti replies to Veltroni’s accusation that the Red Thing is “conservative” by addressing him as his “friend”. (trad. RN)

di Salvatore Merlo   –   @SalvatoreMerlo

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